All fluff no stuff. The waste known as house resolutions

Today I watched in fascination as the government passed a private member bill calling for an end to Islamophobia. The parliamentarian read out portions of the hate mail she had received while promoting the bill. Islamophobia bad. Okay and picking on the member of the house? Poor taste for sure, and racist too in parts. Everyone clapped and felt better afterward, but the lawyer in me had to ask, will this make any difference legally? Ina word no. And it was not even meant too. It was to wave the flag of the kind of feckless politically correct posturing the Liberals seem addicted too. Because it took time, effort and who knows how much of taxpayers cash to pass something that was not designed to fix anything. We paid for a prolonged advertisement on how nice the govenrnment is. I do not care about nice. Trudeau can cal me filthy names and insult my mother as long as he makes things work. I am suspicious of niceness as it can mask something not so nice, in this case that Islamophobia cannot be excised by a all encompassing declaration that doggone it, we do not like Islamophobia and everyone should just stop it. How about funding schools to teach more about Islam in public schools? How about adding it to the criminal code sections under hare crimes, you know useful stuff. For less money and posturing you could have real results. Just a thought.