in legalizing of marijuana the law often follows the will of the people

Marijuana was considered to be a ‘soft’ drug since the 1970’s, about the same as the far more destructive alcohol. Alcohol used to be illegal, but it never had the support of the people and it has been okay to possess it since the end of prohibition. And one thing that they have in common is that both of them are going to be maintained and controlled and taxed by the goverment. We are in the drug trade now and taking money from South American cartels and putting it in the hands of our elected officials. Take that Escobar! It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Be alert though, to the fact that you not only remain on the wrong side of the law for the possession of other drugs, but that for these drugs you will be punished more strenuously then before. The same is true for the trafficing of weed, in that the punishment will be more severe.