The mediation solution

John Brown recently completed a one-day seminar on mediation and advocacy presented by “The Advocate’s Society”, at the Law Society building in St. John’s. While the practice of law in litigation is normally seen in an adversarial light, mediation is becoming more established as a means of settling complex disputes, while avoiding a trial, where the outcome is both expensive and uncertain.

Family Courts in Newfoundland and Labrador routinely direct parties into mediation, prior to the parties having their first court appearance. If mediation is successful it can lead to a faster, less painful and more satisfactory conclusion for the opposing parties, as any outcome is one that they have agreed to themselves and is not one placed upon them by a court order.


At John Brown Law we recognize that the only constant is change and that mediation has a great deal to offer our clients, in family law and in other civil litigation.  We are continually striving to stay current with changes to the law and legal practice, as part of our mandate to offer the best possible service to our clients.