” The more the laws the less justice”. (Cicero)

As a member of the national executive of the Canadian Bar Association, John Brown Law made the following submissions to their fellow executives in the Newfoundland and Labrador branch of the CBA regarding mandatory minimum sentences and the test case of R. V. Lloyd. At John Brown Law we believe in the independence of the judiciary and disagree strongly with government action that chips away at this independance and  that plays political games with serious social issues. And as a result we wrote the following to the Newfoundland and Labrador branch:

” I take every form of opposition to this legislation. Mandatory minimums do not work period and they can make society more dangerous. If they did work you would see very little crime in Texas instead of the opposite. We are addressing a non- issue as crime rates continue to fall and we are increasing dangerous desperation of the accused. I base this on 22 years practising criminal law. If we do not fight this now, then what are we here for? John Brown.” (It should be noted that Mr. Brown had previously studied in the United States of America where he obtained a degree in American history.)

At John Brown Law we shall continue with our mandate of serving the best interests of our clients; including by shining a light on legislation that is political in nature; and against the best interests of the public. John Brown Law. The experience you need, the results you want.